Midwest Lenticular offers high quality stereoscopic and lenticular printing in a variety of formats. Work prepared in one format can often be printed in another, like offering an intimate view of a 3D lenticular print using a low cost Viewmaster process. Artists with knowledge of the medium can avoid setup costs for printing by preparing images in advance. Midwest Lenticular will also work with images prepared by other service providers.

Midwest Lenticular makes great prints. Our attention to detail throughout the production process results in some of the highest quality prints in the industry - exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. Our two step laminated process guarantees high clarity and accurate color and the archival inks, durable plastics and UV inhibiting adhesives are the industry's best practices for longevity. We are happy to recommend lenticular print materials with the best qualities for the job, with a variety of choices in LPI, viewing angle, thickness and composition. Sizes up to 40”x90”. See our Design Checklist for some helpful considerations in preparing for lenticular printing.

Wide format anaglyph printing. Red/Cyan or other color combinations on a variety of substrate materials using archival pigment inks with, or without, mounting. Sizes up to 42”x96”.

Viewmaster / StereoCards
Print output in a variety of contemporary and historic stereocard formats, including custom sizes. Fourteen image (7 pairs) Viewmaster output in small or large quantities.