Midwest Lenticular offers a range of design and printing services with a focus on fine art editions. We consistently produce some of the highest quality lenticulars available for artists around the world. Midwest Lenticular believes in demystifying the process, helping artists get the most from what lenticular has to offer. 

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Lenticular allows artists to design imagery that creates the illusion of 3D, change or both. We offer conversion, design and capture services as well as in-depth tutorials for preparing images that leverage the unique capabilities of lenticular. Midwest Lenticular will help optimize your project for maximum impact.

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Midwest Lenticular specializes in low volume, high quality wide format lenticular prints. We match projects with the right materials for the best possible effect. Midwest Lenticular pays attention to details at every step of the process, producing quality results with all of our lenticular projects.

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Midwest lenticular is for artists. We take the time to understand the issues behind each project and work to get it right. Concerned about color, finishing or print longevity? From our practice of information sharing to our choice of materials and professional experience Midwest Lenticular leads the way in fine art lenticular.

North America's Fine Art Lenticular Printing Company