There are many approaches to the production of lenticular work. Whether its supplied ready-to-print or developed in partnership, Midwest Lenticular works hard to make each project the best it can be. Our in house design services range from minor  enhancements to complex 4D constructions, and everything in-between. 

3D from 2D photograph
Using depth maps or reprojection techniques high quality stereo content can be created from a single image. Lenticular prints from 2D to 3D conversions have volumetric depth and appear rounded, not flat and cutout.

Synthetic image generation
In-between images can be generated from a single stereo pair or sequence. This allows an artist greater control over parallax and the ability to produce an unlimited number of images to target particular lenticular sequence counts. Owners of Nimslo or Nishika quad lens lenticular cameras can often use this process to create lenticular prints with smooth transitions between views.

Artist supplied content can be arranged and 3D depth cued to produce a single stereoscopic composition from multiple source images. Combination effects, often referred to as 4D lenticular, can be created by combining 3D and motion information in a single composition.

Photo capture
Stereoscopic pairs and lenticular sequences can be produced from artist supplied physical objects (sculptures, dioramas, etc.). For suggestions on performing this work in the studio see our lenticular tutorials section.

Impressive change effects can also be portrayed through lenticular printing, from simple two image flips and short animations to complex, non linear arrangements. Midwest Lenticular will walk you through a range of concerns effecting lenticular Flip images including ghosting, frame duration, viewing angle, looping and more.